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It’s APPening: Chefs serving C21st

Hurry up with my salad!

Hurry with the salad!

What isn’t ordered from the palm of your hand these days?

Anyone living in metropolitan areas will be all too familiar with the Deliveroo bicycle. But what does this mean for chefs and the cheffing game?

The journey from kitchen to mouth is a problem: “Some foods, like soup or pizza survive well, but others less so,” according to Peter Backman, managing director of food consultancy firm Horizons. Typically it is 15 minutes on a bike, where the food gets shaken around and loses temperature.”

To adapt to this issue, many chefs will only serve takeaway dishes that can last the pilgrimage.

Ever wondered why it’s nigh on impossible to get a salad delivered to your door? The poor leaves will sweat under the pressure and just won’t make it.

But if we as chefs are going to have to accommodate this new trend (and Wagamama’s sales went up by nine percent after recently joining Deliveroo) then there should be better ways to transport food.

Supper London is thinking the same thing and provide temperature controlled delivery boxes that are tailored for the type of food being delivered.

This is a great idea.

For me, while the ways of ordering and eating food change, I hope that we as chefs can continue to maintain the same standards of food and freedom of menus.

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